Testimonials from our Patients

I was Dr. Berger’s very first patient in the Keys. I have diabetes, and need special attention to my teeth and gums. He’s saved many of my teeth with periodontal surgery and bone grafts. He’s also placed several dental implants with great success. He’s always very caring and gentle. I highly recommend him.

Sherry Connor, Key Largo, FL

A friend encouraged me to see Dr. Berger 34 years ago when my gums were bleeding and a few teeth had begun to loosen. I was nervous and embarrassed, but had put it off long enough. Dr. Berger calmed my fears and assured me that he could “fix everything”. He was so caring and compassionate in doing my periodontal surgery and dental implants. He even called me afterward to see how I was doing. I’ll be seeing him soon for upper jaw implants. I couldn’t imagine going to anyone else.

Karen S. Plantation

Dr. Berger placed implants in my mouth, and a smile back on my face. He spent a lot of time to make me feel at ease. After 6 implants, I could still say that he is truly a painless dentist, with gentle manners, and great professional skills. My new teeth look and feel good, and I can chew anything. I completely trust and gladly recommend Dr. Berger.

Hans Fendl, Tavernier Fl

My father was a Periodontist when I was growing up, and I’m a Dental Hygienist. I needed some cosmetic gum surgery after my father had retired, and needed to find a good periodontist, like my father. I was picky. I had seen Dr. Berger’s magical work on numerous patients, so he was an easy choice. He helped me lose my “gummy” smile. I confidently tell my own patients that they will be in extremely knowledgeable, capable, and caring hands with any treatment by Dr. Berger.

Lisa M. Berry-Wensveen, RDH , Big Pine Key

I have a rare case of tooth developing disorder called Amelogenesis Imperfecta, with no tooth enamel, and odd shaped teeth and gums. I was scared of Dentists. Fortunately, I was blessed to have Dr. Berger, as my periodontist, do the reconstruction of my mouth. He helped make my smile normal and beautiful, while making me feel comfortable through the entire process. You can have complete confidence in him and his extremely professional, personable, and caring staff.

Emily T.

I have been a patient of Dr. Berger’s for 25 years. I had extensive periodontal and implant work done by him 13 years ago. It was successful, and I haven’t had any problems since then. His office is very professional and friendly. We are fortunate to have such a skilled periodontist in the Keys. I highly recommend him.

Sue Moret, Islamorada

A tribute to Dr. Berger… several years ago, I was shocked to learn that my recently capped teeth were decayed, and would need periodontal treatment, and dental implants. I was referred to Dr. Berger. He managed me through extractions, sinus bone grafts, periodontal surgery, and implants. The attention that I received, and the follow up, was second to none. I now have a completely comfortable, functional, and healthy mouth.

Robert Berry, Miami, FL

Ten years ago, Dr. Berger successfully treated my serious medical problems. I’d been wearing upper and lower dentures for years. They were so uncomfortable that I couldn’t chew healthy foods. Eating was more of a chore than a pleasure. Dr. Berger painlessly placed implants in my upper and lower jaws. Now, I can chew anything I want to, and my teeth don’t move or hurt. I’m 100% comfortable, and I highly recommend him.

Alan Beattie, Realtor Key Largo

I had two dental implants done in 2003 by another surgeon, and was very unhappy with the result. Since then, I lost all of my teeth, and was uncomfortable with my dentures. Dr. Troxel, in Big Pine, referred me to Dr. Berger for implants. He gave me teeth, with no numbness at all, just like he said. I can now eat and chew normally, and my smile is much more appealing. I’m so thankful.

Tom A. Big Pine